“Delight the World with Compassion, Kindness, and Grace”

Greetings! The quote above is another wonderful neat quote from my Yogi ginger tea. Digestion aid + feel good sayings = a win if I do say so myself. So for more random stuff: (this is me honestly trying to keep up with this blog more. This is as good as it’s going to get for a bit)


New training sneakers! I popped into a City Sports for the first time ever and oh my goodness. Magical yet extremely dangerous for my bank account. I got these New Balance sneakers (yay for a local Boston company!), and other goodies all with a 10% student discount! I have unfortunately yet to use them because I got sick and didn’t make it to Crossfit last week. On that note:


I got sick last week for an entire week. (Still recovering actually). I was all congested with a head cold and I tried neti pot for the first time ever. It was weird yet awesome and cleared me right up! Definitely a repeat. (Told ya this was a random post)


I made dinner and real food for the first time in over a week (I just ate out a ton [and ate a ton of bad food] while I was sick. But no more excuses!) I bought a brown rice medley from Trader Joe’s (I love that place), sauteed some zucchini with lemon pepper, and made this miso/Dijon mustard/soy sauce/honey marinade. It was good but I had some leftovers for lunch today and it got really salty overnight. Tonight, I cooked up a spicy beef and broccoli frozen dinner thing from Trader Joe’s (hey, still better than take out, don’t judge!)

Last but not least, I threw myself back into working out with TWO workouts yesterday (probably why my body hates me and gives up on me at least twice a year with a sickness) . I went to Jennifer Phelan’s Pilates Fusion hosted at Lululemon Prudential (so many free opportunities to work out with her throughout Boston! I love it!! Come join me this Saturday for free Pilates Bootcamp at Faneuil Hall at 9:15. Bring your own mat!) in the morning. Went food shopping at Trader Joe’s, and then I went to my final Ryde class at BTone Fitness. I love and miss spin so much! I never really got into it and I’ve still done it probably less than 10 times, but it’s grown on me so much.

This morning and all today, I felt a really tight soreness in my hips from spin (especially my right hip!) So I at the last minute, decided to go to a yoga class. Mind you, I haven’t done yoga in weeks (probably actually an entire month) so it was much needed.

Image (click on the picture for more info!)

I had tried this place out with a Groupon this past winter with a friend (who am I kidding, it’s still winter here. I’m talking to you forecast-for-more-snow-tomorrow) and I love this place. It is a small 1 room studio, so it has such a great intimate feel, and the interior decorating is fantastic (they have mats available and all the other equipment that you would need). The instructors are super friendly, really try to learn your name and help you grow in your practice. I’ve only been to a handful of classes at the South End location, but each of the instructors I had were fantastic and brought their own unique flavor to the table. They are typically heated rooms during the class, but nowhere near as hot or humid as a typical Bikram/hot yoga class, and they turn it down towards the end. Today, I had the most princess-pink flush after class (it matched my brand new pink power-up tank from Lululemon!) In almost every class I’ve been to, the instructors like to do hands-on assist (my fave!), and we almost always practice inversions at the end (which are super fun to do!) They have a sweet drop-in price for students (which allowed me to decide to pop in last minute), and they seem to always have room for drop-ins no matter what class time you go! I really love this private, local yoga studio. I feel it is such a hidden gem in a city such as Boston where there are many large yoga studios and practices. They hold very true to the traditional practice so you will always find true, devoted yogis here. I am actually moving to a 1 bedroom next year in Back Bay just a couple of blocks from this studio, so I’m sure I will be going a good amount next year. I can’t wait to grow in my practice, and I did manage to touch my toes once or twice tonight thanks to the class 😉

Comment below ways in which you sweat, what you’ve savored, and/or what made you smile recently!


Wellness by the Water Retreat

You guys, I am SO excited because I just signed up to go on the Wellness by the Water Retreat in May. I had heard about it from Jen from Boston Bachelorette as she attended one of their previous ones, and it looked like so much fun! I’ve been to my fair share of retreats (all Catholic retreats) growing up in high school and college, and so I know firsthand what a great, refreshing getaway retreats are, but I’m extra excited about this one because it’s my first fitness and wellness retreat.

Here is their description from their website:

Join us for a luxury fitness and wellness retreat in the city. Escape to beautiful Boston for a full day of fitness, yoga, nutrition, spa services and wellness. 

Sought after professionals brought to you for all of your wellness needs including: 


  • Bootcamp
  • Yoga
  • Stretch & Breath Work
  • Nutrition
  • Spa Services
  • Wellness Services
  • Catered nutritious meals and snacks
  • Health & Wellness companies providing information and samples of their products!

It is hosted by Celeste Platt and Kendall Covitz (read more about them here) and I’ve been hearing the buzz about them via various social media sites so I’m excited to meet them and experience something like this for the first time ever!

The retreat will be held on May 19th (Sunday) from 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM at:

Le Meridien
20 Sidney Street, Cambridge

The location was just announced a few days ago via Facebook so quite the exciting development.

Go here to register for the Early Bird discount of only $139! Quite a deal considering all that you are getting from it (not only mentally, physically, and spiritually; but the awesome goodie bag with neat goodies that you will be sure to get as well!) Act now because the early bird discount is only available until March 15 (this Friday!)

I hope you will join us and if you do, come say hi!

The Most Random Entry Ever.

So, in order to catch up with everything that happened within the past month, I will have a recap post.

The same weekend I went on the brunch with The Boston Brunchers, was my birthday weekend. I had exams on my actual birthday (Thursday, February 21), and so I spent the entire weekend making up for it. 😀

I received a beautiful bouquet from my daddy!


I also went to Gaslight in the South End with a bunch of friends to celebrate. The restaurant was awesome and they treated my group so well! (Although the service was a little slow at times). They were so sweet about everything though and comped a chocolate beignets for my birthday!


My duck confit. Delicious!

The same day after the brunch at The Blue Room, I met up with some friends at Casa Romero merely 3-4 hours later for yet another feast. They have an awesome early dinner prix fixe meal, and their margaritas were fantastic!


So needless to say, I stuffed myself that weekend, and what better way to detox from all that delicious food than with a juice cleanse! I decided on e.t.c. juicery because it kept popping up on several fitness twitter handles and all throughout the Boston fitness scene, and so I knew it was a legit, local, great quality juicery. I picked the 2-day cleanse and coordinated a super easy pick-up time and location. Although you are supposed to prep your body for a juice cleanse for days leading up to it, I did a terrible job at that. But I fortunately did not experience the common “juicing hangover”.


I’m not going to lie, the first day was hard. Harder than I expected it to be. It required a lot of planning and dedication especially due to my hectic school schedule. I had to make sure I could duck out of class in order to get my juice and drink it. I took thorough notes on when I drank the juices, what I thought of the flavors, and how I felt. So there will be another more in-depth blog post on my juicing experience. Overall, it was a great, positive experience and I would definitely recommend it (and do one again!)

What’s funny is that earlier today, I took a Ryde (spin) class at BTone Fitness with Melina, the co-founder of e.t.c. juicery and she had remembered me from my juice purchase! I was feeling quite ill yesterday, and this morning woke up with a fever, but I took some DayQuil, put on my big girl shoes, and still headed out for the class (since I could only Late Cancel and the only thing worse than being sick for me, is wasting money). Throughout the ride, I made sure not to push myself too hard, but I was surprised that I still managed to keep up with everyone. My throat felt like it was on fire for some points, but other than that, my body was feeling great. I hadn’t had a really good cardio session like that in a while. I would love to take a spin class on a regular basis. I am dying to check out a class at Recycle Studio at their new Boston Common location, so stay tuned for when that happens! Other attendees at this Ryde class included Jess from Little Miss Runshine and Sarah from Sarah Fit herself, both sitting right in front of me! This is why I love Boston, it’s a small enough city that it brings all the local fitness people together. I recognize so many fitness instructors walking down the street or the mall all the time!

One last random tidbit (I promise). My roommates got me awesome gifts for a very belated Christmas and for my birthday!

A yoga mat bag (I’ve wanted one for a while!), toe grip socks from Gaiam (which I used at Pure Barre – more on that later as well), a Bento tupperware box (they know I love to cook my own meals), a GIANT wine glass (they know me so well), and last but not least:


I am so excited that people associate fitness and being healthy with me now. These gifts truly reflect that and I am grateful for it!

Okay, I am done for today. I am lying in bed and I will be crawling under the covers momentarily for some shut-eye so that I can hopefully recover from this illness in one day. Here’s to sweating, savoring, and smiling!

photo 4


A neat “fortune” from my new Yogi Ginger tea!

Once in a Blue Moon: Brunch at The Blue Room with Boston Brunchers

Hello everybody! Sorry for my recent hibernation from the blogging world. I just got extremely caught up in school among other things and this next month will be my craziest, most hardcore month of all of dental school, so bear with me. I will be sharing with you my experience at a delightful brunch I was fortunate enough to be invited to attend with Boston Brunchers. I had heard of this group for a while thanks to Boston Bachelorette and I am extremely excited that I can now participate in the group thanks to my blog!

I arrived with Jen as the snow started to pour down, and we ended up being right on time. The other bloggers were gathered around and the restaurant, The Blue Room, was immediately charming and welcoming upon first impression.


As we were standing around, they started us off with an extremely delicious drink called the Ramos Fizz, consisting of gin, lemon lime, egg whites, heavy cream, and sugar. It was extremely light and delicious. Not too sweet, which was perfect for my taste.


We then got seated, and we took in the scenery (aka took a lot of pictures).


Salt & pepper: uber charming.

We then got right up and proceeded to get onto the buffet line. I couldn’t wait to see what they would present and I was intrigued because the restaurant is one of many in the Boston area that use fresh, local produce and ingredients.


Such a cute presentation with the cooks right there, reminds me a little of “diner-style”! (which I am very familiar with as I hail from the “Diner State” aka New Jersey). It created a more intimate feel as well.

As soon as we got our food, more pictures were taken (although it was hard not to dig in right away because the food looked and smelled so good and I was hungry!)


Pictured: soft poached eggs, patatas bravas, applewood smoked bacon, bulgar wheat salad, cannellini beans, marinated beets, smoked salmon, grilled salmon, rain crow ranch roast beef, berkshire pork shoulder, grits, spinach salad with bleu cheese and macadamia nuts, winter braised greens.


Pictured: spicy tomato soup.

The winners for me were the vegetarian dishes. The meat dishes were okay (a little on the dry side). The grilled salmon and smoked salmon were very good (although the smoked was a tad on the saltier side). The eggs and grits were nothing spectacular. But the rest of the feast was simply amazing. The spinach salad, patatas bravas, winter braised greens were my absolute favorites. The tomato soup was also extremely velvety, smooth, rich, with such a pure tomato flavoring to it.

After most of us had finished our second plate-fulls, they came out with a new Black Currant Pain Perdu just for our brunchers group!


tbr = the blue room

The management and chefs were extremely pleasant and checked on us a number of times to make sure everything was going well. They could not have been more welcoming and friendlier, a real neat intimate touch.

Afterwards, it was time to dig in to dessert, aka the huge table filled with delectable pastries!


I fortunately (unfortunately?) don’t have much of a sweet tooth, so I only grabbed a handful of items:


Some of the pain perdu (delicious!), ginger bread (I love ginger so this was neat), a maple hazlenut concoction (extremely sweet), and my favorite was the coconut macaroons!

Walking out, I was perfectly stuffed, and what better way to walk off a brunch then to pop on over to The Garment District for a little thrifting.

The Blue Room serves brunch every Sunday from 11 AM – 2:30 PM at $27 per person. I was fortunate enough to enjoy this delicious brunch at no charge thanks to Boston Brunchers, but rest assure, I will be back!