October It Is.

*Smh*. Oh the shame. I will be the first to admit how terrible I am at this blogging thing. Empty promises of how I’ll “update this thing regularly”. Similar to the promise I make to myself every time that I will also keep up with doing my laundry on a regular basis. But we all know how that goes…

So to speech catch up on things, here is a simple list of what went on over the summer to now:

Finished 2nd year of dental school (it was a crazy one), moved to my amazing 1-bedroom apartment out in the Back Bay/Fens area, started 3rd year of dental school, lost my phone, ended my Crossfit membership, was told I might have to move out of my said amazing apartment within 3 months time (it was a false alarm, thank goodness), and got my wisdom teeth pulled yesterday.

From reading the list, you may think there is more bad news then good but I assure you that everything is still great and I am the happiest I’ve ever been. I try not to let the “bad” things get me too down because honestly most things are beyond our control and there’s no sense in being dragged down by it all. You have to try and understand it, accept it, and/or see things from a different view. “If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude.” I live and die by that quote.

But I digress. I lost my phone so although I had some amazing photos from some events I’ve attended over the past 2 months, I must “steal” them all from my dear friend Jil from over at big city, lil kitchen.

Seasons 52:

Seasons 52 is a “fresh grill and wine bar”. Their menu changes with the seasons and they offer about 150 different wines on the menu (my kind of place). They have 32 locations around the country, and the first one in Massachusetts opened in Burlington. Jil and I drove out there together and I honestly had no idea what to expect but upon walking up to the front entrance, it was already a great first impression.


It was an incredibly big space with a dark, home-y interior.


Once we received a tour, the amazing food and wine presentation started. The chef came out and told us a little bit about each of the plates and world-class Master Sommelier, George Miliotes went over each one of the wines we sampled. He knew his stuff and I loved his stories of how he came to business with some of the wineries that provided the wine we tried. He has to travel all over the world and spend hours and days trying all different kinds of wine. Rough life… (aka my dream job).

All their meals are very light and healthy. Every single item on the menu is under 450 calories (aside from the filet mignon, which is 475). They use no butter and no fryers, which was very relieving to me as someone who enjoys eating as clean as possible when i can. Here are some pictures of the food (which do not do them any justice, and my mouth is watering just thinking about them!)

Image Amazing flat bread (their signature). Image Lump crap with their own take on pico de gallo

Image Cedar plank roasted Salmon (yummm)

Image Goat cheese ravioli (I die).

Image Filet and quail (so good!)

There you have it. The mouth-watering collection of some of Seasons 52’s best appetizers and entrees. (Not pictured, a stacked tower of their mini indulgences aka desserts).

I’m usually not a huge fan of chain restaurants, but I actually really like what Seasons 52 is about. They want to give people light, healthy options but not skimp on the taste or flavor, not to mention that they are seasonal (which is not commonly found with big chain restaurants). The restaurant seems a bit fancy for a once-a-week family dinner, but it seems very fitting for a dinner after a special occasion (graduation, birthdays, etc.). I highly recommend the place.

Odyssey Sunday Champagne & Chocolate Brunch Cruise:

In September, I also got to go on an amazing booze and brunch cruise with fellow Boston bloggers + my friend Jairo. The event was sponsored by Blog and Tweet Boston, a local group of…bloggers and tweeters. It was the most absolutely picture-perfect, not a cloud in the sky, sunny and warm kind of day for a cruise.


Among the bloggers were Jil, Rachel, and Jen. It was great to experience this with old friends and new! There was actually a wedding party on board as well, but there were enough floors and spaces so we didn’t crash their party. I headed straight for the bar as soon as I got on (hey, it was open bar!). Once we all finally settled in to our table, we all toasted with some prosecco!

Image We were a fun group!

Image (Jil’s plate, as I was phone-less)

The brunch buffet was fantastic. They had every breakfast option, as well as your typical lunch fare with salads and pasta. As per usual, I got a bit of EVERYTHING and got 3 plate-fulls of food. No shame people. Afterwards, we all hung up on the top roof deck and drank, laughed, and took in amazing views of Boston and the Boston harbor islands (which I need to make a trip out to sometime next summer!)


They had taken photos of us before we boarded and after we docked and I saw this cute little picture, I had to get it! It represents such a happy time and memory for me, one that I will cherish and I didn’t mind paying for it since everything was complimentary.

Whew! That’s “all” for now, folks. I cannot say nor promise when I’ll be back, but hopefully, it’ll be a lot sooner than another 5 months…

A big thank you to Seasons 52, Blog and Tweet Boston, and Odyssey Cruises for providing the complimentary tickets, foods, wines, and other beverages. Although I received everything gratuitously in exchange for a blog post, all thoughts and opinions are my own. Once again, all pictures (except the last one), were provided by Jil over at big city, lil kitchen. Go follow her immediately!