Hi there everybody. I am sitting in my apartment on a lovely/lazy Sunday morning (and procrastinating studying for my upcoming exam), and thought I’d share with you all my wonderful experience of a Core Fusion Barre class at Exhale, followed by delicious apps at Aragosta Bistro. I was super excited to finally try a class at Exhale because not only had I heard about it from other fitness instructors who take classes, it is a nationwide chain. I had even recently read that “Girls” star Allison Williams uses it to help keep her toned physique. So when Blog and Tweet Boston presented the opportunity for such a great event, I jumped at the chance! I saw some familiar faces, including Jen, Kerrie, and Lucie, not to mention I met a bunch of lovely girls who blog about Boston too! The blogging world is such a neat community and every person I’ve ever encountered through a blog meet-up has been nothing but the nicest, and chillest people out there. Birds of a feather, amirite? But I digress, here are some pictures of the event.

First – the workout. Now I am a very active person. I work out at least 2-3 times a week on the regularly and really like to vary up my workouts. Whether that be from CrossFit, to yoga, to pilates, to spin. I have tried a few barre classes before and I always know how challenging they are for me. Give me Olympic weightlifting with heavy weights any day over holding a chair/squat position and moving up and down in inch increments! Our instructor Meg was extremely cheerful and thorough, making sure to work every. single. body part and muscle. I was extremely proud to get through the arm sequence in the beginning, but once we got to the bar for legs and glute-work, my quads were burning and screaming barely halfway through! As with most workouts, form and alignment was key to get the most out of the tiny movements, although it does help some if you are flexible (which I am not), but I believe that if someone regularly attended this class – it would help improve their flexibility a ton! There is definitely a mind-body connection component to these sort of workouts vs. an intense workout like CrossFit. Afterwards, we all received an amazing gift bag filled with coupons, a tank, and tea (I love tea!!). My legs were shaking like crazy and we all slowly walked down a flight of stairs to head down to the restaurant, but not before we stopped to pose for a group photo!
Image (I’m holding up the goodie bag we received)
At Aragosta, we received platefuls upon platefuls of wonderful apps and even a refreshing “Exhale Deep Cleanse Cocktail” (of which I had 2 glasses 😉 – it consisted of Hendricks gin (yum!), lime juice, simple syrup, aloe vera, and zest of cucumber with a slice of cucumber thrown in for garnish (see pic)
ImageUmm – delish!! And so simple too!
The food was amazing and there were gluten-free options for some of the gluten-free girls too. So accommodating! The restaurant staff all knew the Exhale girls and it seems like such a great relationship that both companies benefit from. As for the food – I’ll let the pictures do the talking.
This was an amazing event and I cannot thank all the companies involved enough! It was a beautiful day to venture out into Battery Wharf (I had never been) – and it is such a cute, lovely area! I’ll definitely have to check out some more Exhale classes (but probably the one in Back Bay as it is much closer to me), and head over to Aragosta one day to experience their afternoon tea time event, tres chic! For more information and if you want to experience the Barre to Bar event for yourself (offered every day from Monday-Friday – insane!), call 617-603-3100 or go online to Exhale Spa – Battery Wharf. Thanks Sam and Meg from Exhale, Aragosta, and Blog and Tweet Boston!

Barre to Bar with Blog and Tweet Boston (Say that 5 times fast)